How To Use Google PageSpped To Analyse Your Website’s Performance?

Google PageSpeed Insights is free online tool that analyses your website’s performance and gives you improvement suggestions so that you can make your website fast. By reducing page loading time you can reduce bounce rates as most of the visitors closes the site before it get completely visible on their browsers.

Following 3 simple steps you can easily analyse your website performance on World Wide Web:

Step-1 Visit Google PageSpeed Insights and Type the URL of your website or webpage and Press ENTER.

Step-2 Wait for few seconds and the results will get displayed on your page showing details and page speed score out of hundred.

Step-3 Results are divided in to high priority, medium priority, and low priority. Clicking the blue links under these headings displays the whole summary of each result so that you can easily find out what is slowing down your website.

Download Browser Extensions:

PageSpeed Insights is also available as an open-source browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.

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