How To Add TechCrunch Type Retweet Button In WordPress And Allow Tweets As Individual Comments ?

Add a Twitter retweet button (similar to techcrunch) for your WordPress posts and archives that shows all tweets and enables retweeting. If you want you can also add adds tweets as comments and trackbacks.

Topsy Retweet Button, a WordPress plugin automatically integrates Topsy Retweet Button in WordPress blogs. Install and activate it then you can easily configure it from your admin section dashboard->Settings-> Topsy.


  1. Plugin is Highly customizable.
  2. Specially designed for high volume sites.
  3. Allows URL shortening via,, etc
  4. You may add tweets as comments or trackbacks.
  5. Loads fast and doesn’t interfere with your page loading time.
  6. Adds a Twitter retweet button showing tweet counts and allows retweets.
  7. You can choose username used as the source for retweets from your blog – e.g. “RT @<your Twitter account> ..”
  8. Small and large size buttons and button position customization via settings, shortcodes, and manual positioning.
  9. Provides “Streaming” feature that allows retweet buttons to automatically update tweet count after more retweets.
  10. Works with all modern browsers (MSIE 7 and up, Firefox 3 and up, google Chrome, and Safari), also works on major smartphone browsers like iPhone, Android, and Palm Prē.
  11. Buttons can be placed on main blog page, static content page, individual entries, category listings, and archive pages. Can skip buttons from particular categories, or from individual posts
  12. Displays Topsy TopLinks badges for posts that are in the Topsy Top5k or above –
  13. Topsy doesn’t delete old tweets, so the plugin will work on all of your historical posts.
  14. Free analytics via Topsy trackback pages – for example, see or
  15. Allows you to select hashtags to be used with retweets, or have hashtags created based on the post’s WordPress tags.

You can also choose its different colors and sizes as shown in the following image:

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