Share, Markup & Discuss Images Online With Marqueed Google Chrome App

Marqueed is a trusted and free online service for sharing and discussing about images. This tutorial is about Marqueed’s Google Chrome App with which you can easily upload and share images online using short URLs. The extension allows you to upload images with drag and drop interface, the images uploads instantly and soon it provides you a short URL which gets auto-copied to your chip board and then you can share it in your favorite IM app, social network or on email.

Others can view and comment over the shared image by clicking its URL. You can add highlights or comment on specific areas of the image that matters and run a conversation right over the image.

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To start, first add Marqueed Google Chrome App in your Chrome or Chromium browser then visit apps home and launch the app. It asks you to login to your Marqueed account, if you don’t have an account then you can create one from that page itself or simply login with your Google Account.

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Now drag & drop or upload images from your computer to the popup box. Right clicking an image copies its URL to your clip board which you can share anywhere on world wide web.

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