Online Zoomable Walls For Creative Teams To Think, Imagine & Discuss Ideas Easily is a visual collaboration service for teams. Using this web service creative teams can easily think & share ideas and work in a better and easy way together. It is build for enabling netizens to easily shape their ideas together and fully unleashing their imagination without getting in the way of their flow. Murals provides you with online zoomable walls having web content like videos, links, photos and more used for visualizing imagination of teams and further they can discuss about their ideas from anywhere, anytime.


Murally 2 is a popular service and it is very easy to collect content from any online source, author the space freely with text, shapes and sticky notes. and more with threaded conversations with your team. You can also use its Murally Google Chrome App.

Some of its useful features are:

  1. Visually distill and enhance a creative brief by mapping research. Designers, copywriters and everyone else on the same page (wall).
  2. Understand complex problems by mapping problems using the Business Model Canvas, an Empathy map or other think spaces.
  3. Shape products by gathering inspiration from the web and on the go. Live drafts of ideas start to get iterated online.
  4. Get the best (visual) ideas from teams, wherever and whenever they might be. Ideation with no interruptions.
  5. Design moodboards, storyboards and other visual aids to help shape ideas.
  6. Discuss on the spot and iterate ideas visually.

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