Now Right Click Any Photo To Find Other Related Images On Google

Google’s reverse image search lets you use any image and search it for finding other related images from around the web.

Using revere image search you can not only find similar pictures but also find other websites using the same picture which you have searched.

This is done by visiting and clicking that camera icon in search box and then selecting ‘upload an image’ option or you can use image link and  find other related images on internet.

Search by Image 2

In this tutorial we will show you how to bring this reverse image search option in right mouse click menu so that you can more easily and quickly perform reverse image searches from any website.

So if you are doing these searches more often then use Search by Image (by Google) extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. It allows you to initiate a search using any image on any web page.

Search by Image 1

This is done simply by right clicking any image (on any web page you visit) and then selecting ‘Search Google with this image’ option from the context menu.

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