Shardul Pandey Talks To Isabel Castillo, A PHP Programmer

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isabel-castillo[quote style=”1″]When with some of your unique idea about enhancing utility of Internet you create a website on your domain and stay focused on it, I become more than willing for interviewing you as a freedom fighter whether you think so or not but you certainly become one for establishing Internet world order.
That’s why I appeal you to bring most of things at your domain under GPL as it is the very nature of Internet that must be left open, free, fluid and live for the rest of humanity

Shardul Pandey[/quote]

I welcome you Isabel, please tell our netizens about yourself?

My love for computers began when I received my first computer on my 15th birthday. I spent many hours learning everything I could by trial and error, reading manuals, and checking out programming books at my local library. By the time I took my first introductory computer college course, I had already become self-taught at home.

I began learning PHP in 2009. I am primarily a self-taught programmer, however, my Associate Degree in Mathematics helped me to understand the logical concepts of PHP. By 2010, I was developing custom WordPress Themes and Plugins. I decided to focus on programming for WordPress because I love open source software. All of my code is GPL-licensed. Anyone may do whatever they like with it.

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