Shardul Pandey Talks To Amal Rafeeq Who Owns CyTricks.Com

Shardul Pandey interviews only those who own their domain in webspace for doing business on Internet so if you too want to get interviewed please examine your domain at before to e-mail all results to

[quote style=”1″]When with some of your unique idea about enhancing utility of Internet you create a website on your domain and stay focused on it, I become more than willing for interviewing you as a freedom fighter whether you think so or not but you certainly become one for establishing Internet world order.
That’s why I appeal you to bring most of things at your domain under GPL as it is the very nature of Internet that must be left open, free, fluid and live for the rest of humanity

Shardul Pandey[/quote]

I welcome you in the Kingdom of Freedom Amal, please tell our netizens about yourself?

Zion Amal Rafeeq

Hi, My name is Amal Rafeeq and I like to be called “Zion”. I’m a student from Alappuzha, Kerala in India. who is currently trying to become a professional Blogger, Web Designer, Internet Marketer and Content Writer. I was born in 1996 20th of May, making my current age 16. I have a happy family of 4 including me , my mom, dad and my sister. I had my schooling to 10th on Carmel Academy Alappuzha

My relationship with Computers and the Cyber World started 2 years back when I got my first PC, which my dad gave me as Christmas Present. It was a whole new opening for me… :)

How exactly your idea sparked? What philosophy drives you for doing this?

“I really had love for Hacking and Tweaks, my hobbies were trying new things on the Technology. At first , I tried to learn everything from the Internet. Later I thought about sharing my knowledge since its CARING. That was how CyTricks was founded. Since I had interested in Cyber Tricks, I combined those words and thus launched “CyTricks”. I used the blogger platform ( for the first 1 month and then I changed to a custom domain (

And the best part? I love when someone reads what I just wrote and give feedback to it. The joy when you know that you have helped someone with your knowledge is something different. :)

How much time you spend on blogging ? How do you stay so up-to-date with information that you post on your blog ? Any weblogs you follow ?

Since I’m a student and is only 16 year old. I’m not allowed to spend lot of time in front of my PC. But I usually work online about 4 to 5 hours every working day. And I only output or publish content from 40% of these time. I usually works on promoting my blog, learning and getting engaged with other bloggers on the Blogosphere.

Knowledge is Wealth and I’m trying to improve it for a better output on my blog.
I have a simple list of blogs I follow which I’m really inspired of. I won’t miss any update from theirs.

Updating Relevant Content is the Key for successive blogging and I’m fond of reading more on the web.
I usually

What makes your endeavors unique on Internet ?

Its just that Write from your Heart and Write for your readers. :)

Always update Fresh content on your blog and you will find its worth it. Relevancy is the biggest factor that you must consider as a blogger and staying together with Relevant Topics are the secret of my success. Its all about “Who Publishes the thing first”. So I try to be fast as possible. I always try to do everything different from my Competitors.

People love new, unique and fresh content. Right? :)

Any future plans ? Working on some other projects also ?

Just like I said before, I’m planning to become a professional blogger and do some Internet Marketing to keep it straight. I’m also interested in Freelancing and getting hired for some big stuff. So, I think I will have to give my little priorities to it also.

I will do anything and almost everything that it takes to push CyTricks to the top on the circle and I’m pretty sure that I can achieve my goal if I keep on going like this.

I’m currently planning to make a little type of Social Network where bloggers can Interact and solve their doubts making the Blogosphere a better one. For that I need to learn more of PHP and Web Designing.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I can give some seriousness for my studies and academical career. But, you know, I can survive Online!

What have you found to be the most challenging part in blogging ?

My biggest Challenge? Well, its Time and other Gifted Bloggers of course.

Taking about Time, like I said before, I don’t have much of a time these days and my parents are little over concerned about What I’m doing online and fearing that might destroy my future. They really don’t know the fact that I’m not wasting my time online and I’m learning and becoming a one among the Cyber Gurus.

So, I said Gifted Bloggers, right? Yeah they are. Each day a new blogger is budded online and we can’t predict that he won’t be the next Zackerburg or the best pro blogger ever. So I’m always keeping my heads up for newcomers. I do encourage them but keeping the pace on.

I really love Competition making this Challenge a really acceptable and Enjoyable.

What efforts you do for promoting your blog and building your readership ?

Like I said before, Relevancy is a must factor that every blogger must keep their eyes on, and I try to update Relevant content more often.

Writing for the readers is the best idea. Improving your Writing skills and Impressing your readers is worth it. They more high quality content you have, the more popularity you gets. I have written a recent post on this. Check – .

Its a good idea to ping and notify your subscribers within your Social Networks. Use Facebook Fan Pages and Tweet more often for a better result.

Building up Relationship with your readers is something I often do. I will reply back to my readers in need whenever I can and tries to help them. Always go Ethical , Observe the professionals on the field and follow their path ;) . It works.
Unique content is the Unique secret of my blog.

I am open for interviewing every upcoming individual, who owns adomain to somehow create virtual wealth in webspace since sustaining freedom is mostly built around domains running wonderful utilities inwebspace that human-beings enjoy. What is your opinion for continuing this?

What Shardul is doing is a really good idea. He is helping every new gurus to grow online and its worth it. Its a creative Idea to encourage though. Good work Shardul.

I think you must do this more often and I will be there for you with helps I can manage. Don’t forget to keep in touch Shardul. Good Luck.

What is your ultimate message for netizens ?

Its kinda tough question. But no offence, Blogging is not really for everyone and especially for all those who think Blogging is a get rich overnight scheme. Read my last article on this topic.

You must try to understand that its just like the laws in Physics. ” Work is Said to be done when the object is displaced towards the direction of the force Applied.”.
Here Success is the work and your blog is the object. Consider you work for your blog with “Force”. “Work” or Success will be achieved only if enough force of effort is applied on your blog of Object.

But, if you really have the passion in you. Don’t just give up. Learn more, Experiment more and Do more. Always keep trust in yourself.

Believe that you can do it and that’s the secret of Success. Good Luck.

If you need any assistance, don’t forget to contact me via, | |CyTricks.Com

Thank you very much Amal for opting Internet as your place of doing business. I wish you success in upgrading humanity!

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