Easily Export Google Documents To WordPress As Posts

By default Google Drive doesn’t provides you any built-in feature to export writings as posts in WordPress but still many authors are more likely to work on Google Docs in composing most of their works. This is because beyond storing documents in cloud, Google docs are interactive and collaborative by users.

But unfortunately, copy-paste and re-formatting entire post to fit your WordPress blog style often proves to be a hassle. But now no worries, in this lesson you will learn an easy way to export your writings from Google Drive to WordPress as new blog posts. 

Google Docs to WordPress is a Google Chrome app that allows you to export your Google Documents directly to your WordPress site without any hassles.

To start, first step to make is install Google Docs to WordPress app in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser.

Once the application is installed, simply select one or more documents within your Google Drive and follow the steps:

Google Docs to WordPress 1

Right click one document and choose Open With -> Google Docs to WordPress option.

Google Docs to WordPress 2

Now enter your WordPress login details and website’s URL selecting your desired settings.

Google Docs to WordPress 3

Click ‘Create post(s)’ option in order to transfer your documents to your WordPress site. You may use ‘Preview’ option to see your newly created post(s) on your WordPress site.

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