Integrating BuddyPress Pages & Profile With WordPress Menus

By default WordPress menus are not compatible with BuddyPress account menus but now you can add real menu items and make them go directly to Buddypress pages. You can add a profile dropdown with avatar, message counts, and more- fully customizable.

BP Direct Menus is an awesome plugin that completely integrates with the WordPress menu system so your theme’s menu menu styling is used.

It provides you awesome custom menu item type that lets you link to any page that requires the username as part of the url (

bp-direct-menus screenshot 1

The meta box in nav menu admin page

bp-direct-menus screenshot 2

An example of a custom profile menu

bp-direct-menus screenshot 3

The admin view of the above profile menu

Tons of tags can be used to customize the menu text: * User Info: username, firstname, lastname, displayname * BuddyPress counts: unreadmessagecount, friendcount, groupcount * BuddyPress counts that hide when zero: (unreadmessagecount), (friendcount), (groupcount) * BuddyPress/WordPress avatar: avatar, avatar-thumb, avatar-mini.

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