Restore WordPress Site Password Instantly From cPanel

By default, WordPress password is changed using ‘Forgot Password’ option present on login screen. This emails you the link for generating new password. Another way of restoring password is by accessing website database from phpMyAdmin, we have already discussed about it here.

The problem comes when you are designing your client’s website because then developers generally use their client’s email address and restoring password through database is messy. And when you have many client website to develop, sometimes you forget passwords.

Now no worries. provides you a new and very easy way to mange details of each WordPress site you are hosting on your server or hosting account. 

We have discussed how you can install WordPress in a click. Now for password resetting, visit same screen.

Start by logging into your hosting account and follow the given steps:
  1. Launch cPanel
  2. Launch ‘Installatron’ application installer 
  3. Switch to ‘My Applications’ page 
  4. Scroll to the website you like resetting password and click ‘Wrench’ icon
  5. This opens up the page where you can change your password

Reset WordPress password at SANGKRIT

This words instantly. It also allows you to edit other details like you can change website admin email, website name, tagline, set backups, enable or disable auto updates and more.

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