Remove Unintended Spaces In WordPress To Secure A Clean & Consistent Website Layout

Now you can easily remove leading or trailing spaces from your WordPress post and page content to get a clean and consistent layout for your website. 

Many times unintended lines are left at the beginning and/or end of your content. In this article we will show you how you can remove such lines and extra spaces from your website.

Start by installing and activating Space Remover plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> MGWE Space Remover page and select the option to:

  • Enable or disable Space Remover to remove all leading and trailing spaces Space Remover 1
  • Enable Space Remover for removing only leading spaces
  • Enable Space Remover for removing only trailing spaces
It can also be used for individual posts, pages and other custom post types:

Space Remover 2

It works sitewide but the plugin also provides you option to enable or disable space remover on some specific articles. All you need to do is select or deselect ‘Space Remover’ metabox from ADD NEW/EDIT content screens.

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