Now You Can Use Screensavers In Your WordPress Site

Just like other operating systems, now you can use a screensaver in your WordPress site too. WP Screensaver, a WordPress plugin by Satish Kumar Sharma allows you to use screensavers in your website when there is no activity for some time. 

WP Screensaver 2

It shows you a screensaver on your website when it is left idle i.e. with no activity for some time. It have 5 screensavers that can choosen to something funny for your visitors when they leave their screen for a long time.

WP Screensaver 3

Start by installing and activating WP Screensaver plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Screen Saver Style Option Page and type in the waiting time for the screensaver.

Your next step is to select a screensaver from the dropdown menu.

WordPress Screensavers 1

If you are going with image background or 3D cube screensaver then you can upload and use custom images inside it.

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