How To Quickly Change Text Case In WordPress Posts?

Many a times it happens that your guest authors etc often send text with all UPPERCASE or lowercase alphabets. Clicking through a ton of text in order to fix the bad text case is often tedious work. Sometime back we have discussed about some free web services that lets you automatically convert your text to lower case, upper case or into proper sentence case.

Now today we will show you how to instantly change the case of your text right from the WordPress visual editor and get everything done right from your post editing interface.

Change Text Case is a very handy plugin that activates TinyMCE buttons in WordPress visual editor to change text case anytime in just a click.

To start using it in your WordPress site, simply install and activate it. Upon activation the plugin adds All Caps, No Caps, Sentence Case and Title Case TinyMCE buttons in visual editor of posts, pages and other custom post types.

So what all you have to do is, while writing a post simply select the text and use the buttons for changing its case (As shown in the given video tutorial).

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By default the plugin enables all four buttons (All Caps, No Caps, Sentence Case and Title Case) but you can choose what buttons are added to the TinyMCE editor from your admin area dashboard Settings -> Change Case.

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