Purchased A Domain & Hosting? Now What?

Unlike to other domain and hosting services, SANGKRIT.net provides you a step by step process to login to your account then add domain to your web hosting and install apps to bring your website online in minutes.

We have already discussed about adding domain to your web hosting and installing WordPress.

WordPress is the most user friendly website building platform, a powerful content management system, widely used blogging platform and you should know that in one click you can transform it into a good social networking website.

One click Web App Installer

Not only WordPress but there are tons of other applications you can install in your web hosting account like you can start your own knowledge bank, a complete Wikipedia type website with Mediawiki, we have posted a step by step guide for installing Mediawiki here.

For running other kinds of CMSs, blogging platform, email services, forums etc you may use Installatron from the cPanel of your SANGKRIT.net web hosting. It is a one click web application installer which provides you plenty of good website building applications and CMS.

So how to get access to all these awesome services? First thing you need to do is signup your free account and then register or transfer a domain name to SANGKRIT.net. You can also register a free domain name, SANGKRIT,net provides you free domain registration with 1 year/2 year/3 year/… hosting subscriptions.

After registering domain name and subscribing to a SANGKRIT.net hosting plan, you automatically get access to all free cPanel services you can use for starting your dream website in minutes. Take a look over to following video tutorials and you would be able to start any kind of website on your own.

[heading]How To Get A Free Domain Name With Your Hosting Plan?[/heading]

[heading]Adding Domain To Your Hosting Account[/heading]

[heading]Installing WordPress[/heading]

[heading]Or Starting Any other Kind Of Website From Your SANGKRIT.net Hosting cPanel[/heading]

If you have any questions, feel free to use the following comment form.

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