How To Migrate Websites From Wix To WordPress Hosting?

Now you can easily migrate your website from Wix to’s WordPress Hosting. For migrating your Wix website to WordPress, first bring your WordPress site online, you may use’s one click WordPress install for starting your WordPress site in minutes. After WordPress is setup, install and activate CMS2CMS: Wix to WordPress Migrator plugin and connect it to Wix from Dashboard -> Plugins -> Wix to WordPress page (You will need to login to your CMS2CMS account before connecting to Wix).

CMS2CMS is an automated web service for CMS migrations. It enables you to import content, categories, users, images, internal links, comments etc from your current CMS or forum platform to a new one. You can use this premium web service (see pricing, offers FREE MIGRATION UPTO 10 PAGES) for fast, accurate and trouble-free website migration from WIX to WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS type.

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You can start content migration between CMS types by following a few simple steps:

  • Step-1 Register your Account or Log In to
  • Step-2 Select your Migration Type: There are two options: You can set up migration yourself OR Have it set up by their engineers.
  • Step-3 Now Provide your Current and New Website URLs and CMS Types: At this steps you have to give the URL of your current website and the new website (where you are migrating to). After adding URLs, use the drop down list and choose their CMS types.
  • Step-4 Installing the Connection Bridge: It is a special gateway used for gaining access to content from your current and new CMS for allowing data interaction between them.
  • Step- 5 Choose your additional Migration Options like migrating media, making URLs SEO friendly,  redirects etc
  • Step-6 Start your demo or full migration and enjoy your new website.


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