Creating Free Business Email Accounts On Your Web Hosting At

Apart from Business Class Emails that not only provides email addresses on your own domain but also professional inbox interface with online storage and tools, you can create free unlimited email accounts on your domain hosting without additionally paying for any resources.

This can easily be done on all Linux based web hosting plans and servers at

How To Setup Webmail Accounts?

STEP-1 Login to your account then visit MY ACCOUNT section

STEP-2 Click HOSTING subsection followed by MANAGE infront of the hosting plan you would like to use for creating emails. This action will direct you to your hosting’s cPanel.

STEP-3 On cPanel – Scroll down to MAIL subsection and click EMAIL ACCOUNTS. This page will allow you to create and manage email accounts which are associated with your own domain name.

Here you will be able to create multiple email addresses and assign them mailbox quota i.e. the amount of resources and space they can use.

STEP-4 Once you create your email accounts, you will be needing to edit the MX record of your domain to point them to your new email account.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit MY ACCOUNT section -> Click DOMAINS subsection then click the MANAGE in front of the domain name you want to open for DNS management
  2. Lookup for any MX record, delete if you find any and then add new MX record that points to – with PRIORITY 0 (zero).
  3. The DNS propagation takes some time and then you will start to send and receive emails from your new email accounts.

How to access an email account? Simply suffix /webmail after your domain address, press ENTER and login to access your email account.

Alternatively, you can access email from your cPanel -> Mail subsection -> Webmail. This option will not ask you to additionally login to your email as you are already logged-in as super admin.

Note: MX record is same on all hosting accounts of i.e., others can obtain MX record address by visiting their cPanel -> Mails -> Email Accounts then scrolling down to some email address and clicking dropdown button to select ‘Configure Webmail’ option and then copying the outgoing/incoming server address to use as MX record on DNS configuration.

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