Local Events Leave So Little Impact Despite Being So Expensive That We Discourage People From Organizing Any

linus_eventIf you are not going to overthrow the government, compelling people to gather somewhere is unnecessary. If you organize one, you cannot put an end to the trouble of people from joining this disturbing all their personal schedules. Even if you plan organizing an international event, it remains virtually local or locally depending for media coverage and getting expensive to spread the word. Although more often than not you disrupt local public life also.

SANGKRIT.net is itself an internet event. Moreover Shardul Pandey Talks cut across time and space to bring in an internet event involving unique human beings from across all time zones. SANGKRIT.net doesn’t organize any old world event and we never ask people to join any. Local events leave so little impact comparing to internet events such as Shardul Pandey Talks, despite being so expensive that we discourage people from organizing any.

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