How To Change RSS Settings In WordPress And Burn Your Feed Using FeedBurner ?

Changing RSS settings and adding your blog’s feed in FeedBurner is a common and important thing that most of the WordPress bloggers do after installing WordPress. You can easily edit your default RSS settings in WordPress by visiting Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading page. Scroll down to RSS section and you can change the number of posts to show in RSS feed and whether to send full blog post or only a summary in your RSS feeds.

After this thing you can add your blog’s feed to Feedburner.Com. It provides you various options for your RSS feeds, you can know your feed statistics, you can also use AdSense for feeds so that you can earn more revenue from your websitecontent which you are distributing in your. You can learn more here about other supercool benefits of feeds from FeedBurner offer to publishers large and small.

So first of all you need to SignUp for FeedBurner and then read this Quick Start Guide links for using FeedBurner in both Self Hosted WordPress blogs and WordPress blogs hosted in WordPress.Com:

  1. Creating your WordPress feed (self-hosted WordPress)
  2. Creating your WordPress feed (
  3. Promoting your FeedBurner feed on your site
  4. Offering Email Subscriptions to your WordPress blog ( or self-hosted)
  5. Verifying WordPress feed settings for podcasting (self-hosted WordPress)

If you like to change your RSS Feed Link in your theme then refer to this blog post, scroll down to “Add your RSS feed to Feedburner” and follow the instructions.

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