How To Add BuddyPress Menus On WordPress Navigation?

By default BuddyPress menus such as personal activity, notifications, profile, settings and messages are automatically added to WordPress admin bar.

But now there is no need to stick with WordPress admin tool bar on frontend just because it shows BuddyPress networking menus. Because now you can easily add BuddyPress’s personal and account menu items to any menu location using built-in WordPress navigation settings.

Start by logging into your BuddyPress site then visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Menus screen

Click ‘Screen Options’ tab and make sure ‘BuddyPress’ checkbox is ticked.

BuddyPress menu to WordPress navigation 1

Now close screen options tab and from the left select ‘BuddyPress’ to open it’s navigation items. There are two sections to select and add navigation links from:

  1. Logged-In links are relative to the current user, and are not visible to visitors who are not logged in.
  2. Logged-Out links are not visible to users who are logged in.

BuddyPress menu to WordPress navigation 2

Simply select the BuddyPress menu items you want to display in your navigation and then click ‘Add to Menu’ button.

When you’re done adding items, reorder them with drag-n-drop then scroll down to ‘Menu Settings’.

BuddyPress menu to WordPress navigation 3

Here, you can select a theme location where you want to enable this new menu, tick a menu location and click ‘Save Menu’ button. That’s it.

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