How Dedicated IP Address Protects Email Sender’s Reputation?

A Dedicated IP is generally allocated for Dedicated Servers and VPS but you can also use it over your Shared Hosting option. A Dedicated Hosting IP gives your hosting account and website its unique IP address, one that’s not shared by any other accounts hosted on the same server.

If you need direct access to your site, even when your DNS records are being propagated, or are planning to add a SSL Certificate, a Dedicated Hosting IP may be for you.

It have various other advantages too, this post is about the importance of dedicated IP address over email accounts which you use on your hosting’s cPanel via webmail feature or any third party software.

The reason shared IP address i.e. the IP address you get with a hosting plan is not considered good for running email accounts is that it gets shared between other hosting users. As, the shared hosting plan is a product where all the resources are shared between users, the IP address is also shared.

So the risk is when the resources are shared, the online reputation is also shared. There are some situations when some user, sharing the same IP address with you gets spammed or banned or blacklisted for spamming or sending unsolicited emails via some local marketing app etc, may possibly affect your email service as well. Hence by using a dedicated IP address keeps your email service safe from the abuse consequences where others are at fault.

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