Google Chrome Allows You To Fake Location On Internet

There are various location aware websites that tracks your location without asking for your permission so that can serve you with relevant information, services and products etc.

Now a days tracking scripts not just tracks your IP address but now for more accurate tracking web browsers tries to detect your location by accessing small details from GPS, WiFi-networks, Bluetooth etc.

These details are fetched and then automatically sent to Google’s location services to find your location and make it available for the websites.

In this lesson you will learn about faking your location on world wide web

Using Developer Tools Panel In Google Chrome

To start, first press CTRL+SHIFT+I from your keyboard (Or Alternatively you may select ‘Inspect Element’ option from the context (right-click) menu).

Switch to ‘Emulation’ tab and select the ‘Sensors’ option from the left sidebar. Now look for the settings for ‘Emulate Geolocation coordinates’ and specify your latitude and longitude coordinates which you want to share on that website.

Press F5 to reload the web page and it will that fake location.

Remember: When the developer tools panel is closed Chrome will stop sending your fake geolocation.

Alternative Method (Via Location Guard Chrome App)

Location Guard is a Google Chrome application that allows you to hide your geographic location from websites you access.

Location Guard 1

It allows you to enjoy useful geolocation applications and protect your privacy at the same time.

Location Guard 2

It works by reporting a fake location to websites, obtained by adding a certain amount of ‘noise’ to the real location. Noise is randomly selected in a way that ensures your the real location cannot be inferred with high accuracy.

Mozilla Firefox users may use this Geolocater addon to fake their location. It simply geolocates you where ever you want.

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