How To Set WordPress Themes By Screen-size?

You can set a different WordPress theme for small screen devices, you can specify browser window cut off width in pixels and then automatically activate selected theme as soon browser window goes smaller than specified min. width.

There are two good plugin that allows you to easily add this feature on your WordPress website:

  1. WP Themes by Screensize: This plugin allows you to set WordPress theme by screensize
  2. Mobile Smart: In this plugin there is no need of specifying min. width. Instead it automatically detects small screen devices and activates the specified WordPress theme.

WP Themes by Screensize

Start by installing it on your WordPress site. Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> WP Themes by Screensize page and select a theme for screensize larger than specified width in pixels and another theme for screen size smaller than specified width in pixels.

Themes by Screensize 1

Save you changes and that’s it. The page also allows you to set a custom time in seconds after which the website will automatically check the browser’s width.

Mobile Smart

Start by installing it on your WordPress site. Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Mobile Smart page and select a theme to show-up on mobile devices.

Themes by Screensize 2

The plugin also provides you option to display a switch to mobile version on the footer of your website. You can enable this option for you users to switch back to the real version or mobile version of your website anytime by choice.

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