How To Display Videos Using Grid Layout In WordPress?

Video Grid provides you a new beautiful and responsive way of displaying videos on your WordPress site with lightbox overlay effect.

You can add any number of videos from admin panel then display them anywhere inside your posts, pages and other cutom post types via shortcodes.

The plugin allows you to create multiple video grid galleries from admin area and the each grid gallery can be displayed by inserting its shortcode in content.

How To Use Video Grid In WordPress?

Start by installing ‘Video Grid‘ plugin in your WordPress site. Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘Video Grid With Lightbox’ link to enable video play in lightbox. You may also select a custom background color for your video grid galleries.

You can create and mange your video grids from admin area Video Grid With Lightbox -> Manage Videos section.

Once grids are created, you can display them inside your post content, on a separate page, custom post type or any other shortcode supported area simply by pasting their specific shortcodes. Created grids can also be previewed from  Video Grid With Lightbox -> Preview Gallery page.

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