How To Display Sticky Bottom Screen Mobile Ads In WordPress?

Display a sticky banner ad in the bottom of the screen and keep it on the top of content when user scrolls down your WordPress website. Perfect for mobile monetization.

bottom screen ads 2

Sticky Ad Bar Plugin allows you to display floating advertisements on your website. You can either display it on top or bottom of screen, set custom color, background, width in percent, text color, size and height.

Start by installing ‘Sticky Ad Bar Plugin’ in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘Sticky Ad Bar’ from left side admin menu.

Tick ‘Enable the bar’ checkbox option, you may optionally turn it mobile only, display a close button and customize display settings.

Next step is to scroll down and compose your text ad OR if you already have ad banner code then switch to ‘Text’ mode and paste your code there.

Finally, save changes and visit the frontend of your website to see how it looks like. This style of advertisement looks great on mobile devices but can also be used on other large screen devices too.

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