New Classic Grey Color Schemes For WordPress Admin Section

Classic Grey WordPress Admin Color Schemes For Everyday Use

New Grey Admin Color Schemes for WordPress 3.8’s admin area from gives your WordPress site admin new classic grey color schemes that will not make your bored after few days like other colorful schemes. Install and activate Grey Admin Color Schemes plugin. upon activation the plugin adds four new color schemes you can change from Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile page.

grey-admin-color-schemes screenshot 1

Classic Grey

grey-admin-color-schemes screenshot 2

Modern Grey

grey-admin-color-schemes screenshot 3

A Touch of Blue

grey-admin-color-schemes screenshot 4

Post Modern Grey

  • A Touch of Blue’ – The Modern Grey theme with a blue light for the current selected menu item.
  • Classic Grey’ – The Classic Grey colour scheme from WordPress 3.7, a very light grey for menu items and white backgrounds.
  • Modern Grey’ – The new default color scheme from WordPress 3.8 lightened up!
  • ‘Post Modern Grey’ – The Modern Grey theme with grey instead of blue buttons.


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