How To Hide Main Page Title In MediaWiki?

You can also hide main page title on the home page of your MediaWiki website via CSS. Changing ‘Main Page’ title is also one option to get rid from ‘Main Page’ H1 heading text but then it starts to show small ‘Redirected from Main Page’ text on your wiki’s home page.

The easiest trick of removing ‘Main Page’ title is adding some custom CSS to your website’s common.css file.

MediaWiki MainPage

Start by logging into your MediaWiki website: In the searchbox, type Mediawiki:Common.css, open it then click ‘Edit’ button. h1.firstHeading, h1.firstHeading { display: none; }

Now simply copy-paste the given code in there and save changes. That’s it, refresh your page 3-4-5 times and ‘Main Page’ title will go off from your website.

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