Enhance Your YouTube Watching Experience With This All In One App

Most YouTube extensions are generally meant to perform one action or task but there are a few bundled Google Chrome extensions that give you a bunch of options and features to make your video watching experience much better.

For instance, Magic Actions for YouTube™ enhances YouTube by enabling Auto HD mode, Auto Wide, Auto Replay or Stop Auto Replay, Cinema Backlight with over 40 different color presets, Ad Blocking, Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, Screenshot and even more.

Start by adding Magic Actions for YouTube™ in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. After the extension is installed, you can easily take advantage of functions specilly designed for enhancing the YouTube viewing experience.

These are some customizable options available with this Chrome app.

Magic Actions for YouTube™ 3

As said by its developers, “Two of the most heavily used tools in Magic Actions include the cool backlight feature in conjunction with the auto Cinema mode functionality. With these two features used together, you transform your browser into a standalone custom movie viewer.”

Magic Actions for YouTube™ 2

The cool backlight works for offering you a wonderful ambience whereas auto Cinema simply gives you the largest possible player that fills your browser’s window.

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