How To Offer Curbside Pickup In Your Business?

Offering curbside pickup in your business simply means you are allowing your customers to buy your products online and then visit your location i.e. home or store-front to get it without entering your place or leaving their vehicle. With WordPress Ecommerce you can easily start online selling and offer this service in your business too.

WordPress Ecommerce offers you more than just a platform you need to start selling your products online. It works on your domain name and offers everything you need to create an effective and memorable online presence. You can add your products, manage your orders, pickups, and deliveries plus you can also blog your business from your smartphone to build a strong online presence.

Even if you are a small local business that only serves the neighborhood people, a WordPress Ecommerce website will help you to get more orders and compete with bigger businesses without leaving your place and without increasing your business expense.

With WordPress Ecommerce, an online selling website becomes much easier to build and more affordable than you might think. It offers you a complete selection of online tools for building websites, along with web-hosting-server, email, and marketing options to grow your business online.

Starting Ecommerce Website With Curbside Pickup

To start, register your domain name and then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce, its step-by-step online tour will guide you to the admin panel of your website. There you can add your products and control each and every aspect of your online store.

Second, to implement a curbside-pickup service, simply visit Plugins-> Add New page to install-activate the new WordPress plugin called Curbside Pickup. This plugin offers you a complete system to manage all functionalities of your curbside pickup experience.

  • It features custom pickup links for your customers
  • A dashboard for your staff, so you’ll be alerted right away when a customer arrives for pickup
  • Your customers can even provide special instructions, a parking space number, and/or a description of their vehicle to make it easier for your staff to find the customer and deliver their order.

Upon activation, the plugin integrates directly with WordPress and WooCommerce. You simply need to select Curbside Pickup as a Shipping Option, and you’re ready to give curbside pickup to your patrons.

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