How To Activate Sitewide Status Update Box In BuddyPress?

Just like Twitter’s post tweet button on toolbar, now BuddyPress website owners can also provide their users with a fast and live status update button which can be used anywhere from your website, even from the subsites of a WordPress multisite network.

Buddypress Activity Anywhere enables your website members to post update on their activity streams from anywhere in your website or any subsite in a WordPress multisite installation. The plugin activates a simple update button with customizable text in your WordPress admin toolbar (Only on the fromend of your website).

Using this new button, logged in users of your website can instantly post status updates in a click of a button.

The button works globally on the frontend of your website. It opens up a pop up box showing text area with a post button.

How To Use Buddypress Activity Anywhere Plugin?

Install and activate Buddypress Activity Anywhere plugin then visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Quick Activity page and tick ‘Quick Activity button will be added to the toolbar’ checkbox’.

You can also use custom text for the button. Finally, save the changes and that’s it.

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How To Manually Display Status Update Button Via Shortcode Or Template Tag?

Another way to display the ‘Quick Activity’ button is using a shortcode. You can place the shortcode [bpqa_button] in the content area of any post or page.

You can also use <?php echo do_shortcode('[bpqa_button]'); ?> anywhere in your theme template files.

The shortcode ca be used with following parameters and values:

  1. Type – Excepts the values button, link or image. The “type” attribute controls the way the “Quick Activity” button will be displayed.
    1. The value “button” will create an HTML input type button.
    2. The value “Link” will create an hyperlink
    3. The value “Image” will display the “Quick Activity” button as an image
  2. Img – the attribute img will only work when choosing “image” as a value for the attribute “type”. Using the attribute “img” you can choose the image that will be displayed as the “Quick Activity” button. In order to use the “img” attribute its value needs to be the name of the image that you want to use. The image must be saved in the plugin’s directory under buttons direcory. wp-content/plugins/buddypress-quick-activity/buttons
  3. Title – The “title” attribute will work when the “type” attributes gets either “button” or “link” values. Using the “title” attribute you can define the title of the “Quick activity” button or link.
  4. class – give the “Quick Activity” button a custom CLASS tag
  5. id – give the “Quick Activity” button a custom ID tag


  1. Create “Quick Activity” button with the title “Say Something” – [bpqa_button type="button" title="say something"]
  2. Create “Quick Activity” link with the title “Post Update” – [bpqa_button type="link" title="Post Update"]
  3. Create “Quick Activity” image button – [bpqa_button type="image" img="bpqa-button-green.png"]

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