How To Import iTunes Music List To WordPress & Display Song Listings ?

Tune Library allows you to import XML iTunes Music Library file to your WordPress database and there after you can show up your complete music listing on any page of your WordPress site (View Demo).

Installation & Usage:

Install and activate Tune Library plugin then follow the given steps:

  1. After the plugin is activated visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Tune Library admin page.
  2. Upload iTunes Music Library.xml file from your user profile (Find help in locating your XML File)
  3. From Tune Library Plugin Configuration Screen, check that the name of iTunes library matches with the name of file you uploaded.
  4. Select Import iTunes Library to load the contents of your library into the WordPress database.
  5. Set the plugin’s configurations as desired output.
  6. Now create a new page and use the shortcode: [tune-library] for displaying your listings.

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