Easily Identify Calls From Unknown & Unsaved Numbers On Android

A number saved in your phonebook is automatically identified and the name of the caller, his image is displayed on your screen. But when an unknown number calls to your phone, then only the number is displayed on your screen. Here comes the use of some addon feature to identify the person calling you form an unknown number.

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block is an easy Android application that lets you identify the person who is making that phone call to your number.

How To Use Truecaller  App?

Install and launch it. It first asks you to select your country, your language and enable permission for extended search.

You can also sync user data from your social networks like you can sync status, photos, birthdays with your phonebook.

On incoming calls from some unknown number the application does its work and queries its global telephone directory in order to identify the owner of that number (It requires Internet connection for accessing its database and searching number details).

True Caller 1

When the call is over, it shows you details of that number along with the option to save it to your phonebook. The number can also be marked as spam.

True Caller 2

It also works with SMS – When a SMS arrives, again it displays the details.

You can use it as a call blocker, you can create a blacklist of numbers and block their calls from coming to your phone.

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