How To Easily Identify & Use Fonts From Any Website?

Earlier we have discussed about grabbing and using colors from webpages. Now, today we will be explaining you the technique of grabbing font families from other websites. Suppose you visit a website and you like used fonts, font family, font color & font size and want to use the same on your website too. You can easily decode the font, copy and use it by following a few steps given here.

How To Identify & Use Font Types From Any Website?  1

WhatFont is an awesome Google Chrome app, it provides you the easiest and fastest way of identifying fonts on web pages. To start, first add it in your Chrome browser then refresh the page and you will be noticing its icon on the top right side of Chrome.

How To Identify & Use Font Types From Any Website?  2

Now what all you have to do is, visit any website, click this app’s icon and then click on the text and it will show you the text’s font family, font size, line height and color. You can again click another text on the same page and it will again show you all font details. Finally when you’re done, re-click the app’s icon to turn it off.

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