Intelligent & Useful Android App Which Changes According To Your Time & Needs

Aviate is a free Android app that completely changes your working experience with your Android device. The application was made by ThumbsUp Labs which is now acquired by Yahoo. The application provides you completely unique new take on Android’s home and that dynamically changes throughout the day and night for presenting you with the apps and info according to your location, time and other factors.

Intelligent & Free Android App For Completely Enhancing Your Home Screen & Trying A New Working Experience 3

At present, Aviate is an invite-only beta app just for ensuring user’s quality experience. You can use the app but first you will be needing to request an invite from the app. What this application does is, it automatically categorizes all of your apps then intelligently keeps rearranging your homescreen for giving you the apps etc which you need most, at precisely the moment when you need it.

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Here’s a quick overview on its main features:

  • Wake up, and it will automatically bring you weather report and your meetings for the day
  • When you’re at work, have all the apps you need to get your job done ready to go
  • While driving, Aviate will automatically provide you with traffic and directions
  • Going out for a dinner, Aviate automatically shows you photos, tips and reviews for your favorite restaurant.
  • When plugging in your headphones, Aviate shows you music apps with relevant information about the artist or band you’re listening to, including recent Tweets, upcoming concerts, and bios etc.

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