How To Find Your WordPress Hostname & Server IP Address?

Not generally but many a times website owners require knowing their hostname and server IP address, it is only useful in certain situations like many security plugins and SSL certificate extensions asks you for your IP and host information to set up configuration settings and there are many more reasons.

So if you are also finding a quick way to easily know or display your IP and host name then here’s an easy solution.

Likewise by default you can’t find IP address from your WordPress admin area dashboard. So, how to easily find IP address of a website? There are many ways: You can login to your hosting account and know your IP address and host name on the left of your cPanel’s sidebar.

Or you may use a plugin and display it in your website’s admin section.

Server IP plugin upon activation displays the IP Address and hostname on WordPress dashboard admin panel. It also permit you to show server IP address on a page, on a post or on sidebar widget.

Server IP

What all you have to do is install and activate Server IP plugin then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Home to know your host name and IP address.

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