How To Easily Track All Pending Friend Requests On Facebook ?

Most of the innocent Facebook users when find any of their old friend or neighbor etc they immediately click ‘Add Friend’ button. But the response is not always same from the other side. The person may ignore your friend request or cancel it immediately. Sometimes Facebook  blocks you from sending requests for weeks or months specially when you collect a number of unresponded or cancelled friend requests.

Facebook provides you a feature to cancel any already sent friend request but for most Facebook users it is not always easy to bookmarks of all profiles where they have requested friendship and manually keep track of them.

This tutorial is on a cool Facebook App that allows you to automatically track all your pending friend requests so that you can cancel the unresponded ones and save yourself from Facebook Friend Request Block.

Track Pending Facebook Friend Requests

Tracking Pending Facebook Friend Requests:

Follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Friend Requests App Here on Facebook and allow access to it.
  2. You will automatically get redirected to a page showing your current pending Facebook friend requests, also you can find past pending request and more. That’s all close the page.
  3. Now, you can anytime access information about your pending friend requests by following this link –

How to decide whether the person has seen and ignored your Facebook friend request or the request is still unseen ?

Sometimes your request is left unresponded, may be the person has not logined to his/her Facebook account from a long interval of time.

To get an idea regarding his login activity you should check his timeline and see if he has made any status updates after you sended him friend request.

In-case if makes any updates but doesn’t responds back to your request then the possibility increases that he don’t want to connect with you. OR may be due to the reasons that he he has many friend requests in queue and he wants to reply to them in his free time or he is updating his status from some third party application, blog etc and has not yet logined and checked his friend requests. There are many other reasons.

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