Easily Keep Facebook Friends Restricted From Watching Your Activity

Here is an ideal way of keeping some of your Facebook friends restricted from seeing your status updates and other activity logs. You can only allow them to see your public posts just like your followers.

Many times you get friend requests from unknown people and sometimes from people who are acquaintances but you don’t know them very well. In this tutorial we will be showing you an easy way to accept friend requests without really including those people in your social circle.

Facebook has greatly improved their privacy settings, now you can accept new friend requests but keep them restricted from getting updates of your social activity.

Here are three options you can choose from whenever you get friend requests from strangers:

  1. You can reject the friend request (the person will know that you have rejected his request)
  2. You can ignore it, the friend request will show as pending in their timeline.
  3. You can accept the friend request and put that person in your restricted list.

First and second options are rude and leaves a bad impression on person wanting to be your friend.

But if you choose the third option, the person will get listed in your friend list but he will be seeing only posts that are public in your timeline (just like your followers) and he will know nothing about any restriction.

How To Create Restricted Friend List On Facebook?

Restricted Friendlist 1

Login to your Facebook account and visit the profile you like adding in your restriction list.

Then select ‘Add to another list’ option from Friends dropdown and choose ‘Restricted’. That’s it, now the person will only see your public posts and updates.

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