How To Display A ThankYou Button With Counter After Your WordPress Blog Posts ?

Allow your readers to say thank you for your posts. You can add a ‘Thank You’ button to each of your post/page, counts and shows a total number of visitors ‘thanks’ (i.e. thank you counter) for post/page.

Thank You Counter Button plugin stores its thank you counters in two own MySQL tables and the best feature is a person can thank you without logging in, one can say thanks direct from its IP address. Only one “thank” for one IP-address is permitted. Plugin can easily skip all further “Thank you” clicks from this IP-address once it get automatically registered. IP-address click limit can be set to a time interval in seconds.

Other than this it also offers you sidebar widgets for showing list of thanks made by your readers. Widget lists latest thanked or the largests thanked posts (between 3 and 15) are available. Total quantity of thanks can be shown. You may use widgets page on dashboard for changing settings as per your preferences, for other options visit Dashboard-> Settings-> Thanks CB. And yes, you can change the button style and color.

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