How To Display Fullscreen Photogallery Slides In WordPress?

In a few clicks you can create beautiful full screen photo galleries with inbuilt full-screen slider in your WordPress site. Here’s a completely new way of creating and displaying full-screen galleries which is totally different from default WP photo galleries. Fullscreen Slides is the new WordPress plugin which which you can easily add a fullscreen gallery to page or post simply by inserting a shortcode, the plugin provides you custom image management, it doesn’t rely on the default WordPress Media Library and is compatible with all major web-browsers and smartphone is optimized.

How To Start With Fullscreen Slides?


A few days back we discussed about creating and managing image collection using a separate directory in WordPress. Fullscreen Slides is an addon plugin for Image Collections plugin so install and activate both the plugins. Assuming that you have already created image collection (read our tutorial about ‘Image Collections’) visit Dashboard -> Full Screen Slides -> Light Template page and click ‘Add New‘ button.

Fullscreen Photo Gallery

Give title to your new fullscreen slide gallery, choose an image collection from the ‘Collection’ dropdown box and enter a exit fullscreen URL  which means the webpage address to open when ‘Exit Fullscreen‘ button is clicked. Finally, click the ‘Publish‘ button and copy the shortcode and use it for displaying a slideshow on your page or post etc. See it in action here. Also you can browse its official documentation here.

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