Google Chrome App To Prevent Spelling & Grammar Mistakes On Internet

Grammarly is a Google Chrome app which prevents you from making spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes while writing anything on Internet like writing your emails, posting any text on social media, while using any notepad extension on Chromebook or whatever. The application marks auto marks all mistakes using a red squigly line like Word Pads and other office programs.

How To Use Grammarly In Chrome?

Grammarly Lite - Smart Spellchecker

Add it to you Google Chrome browser or Chromebook. First the extension asks you for your email, type your email address and it will get automatically activated. Then click its icon from the extensions drop down on the top right corner and make sure the extension is turned ON.

  1. Now while writing any text anywhere on web, point your mouse at a word marked with a squiggly red line in order to see correct spelling suggestions.
  2. Whenever you write text in your Chrome, simply double-click any word and the extension will show you the synonyms.
  3. In the same way while you browse the Web, double clicking any word will show you its definition.

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