Now Manage Google Chrome Extensions, Apps & Themes Right From The Toolbar

It takes a few steps to visit Google Chrome’s default extension manager and there is no shortcut of enabling. disabling, deleting or accessing options of any extension.

By default there are two ways of accessing extension manager: you can either type chrome://extensions in Chrome’s address bar or navigate to Chrome menu (visible on top right corner) Tools -> Extensions.

In this tutorial we will show how you can get quick access to any Google Chrome extension and its options page.

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) is a Google Chrome extension that adds a new button in Chrome’s toolbar, the button lets you quickly access your installed add-ons, themes and apps with one click.

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) 1

Using this extension you can quickly disable or enable Chrome extensions, access their options pages or remove them completely.

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) 3

It shows you notifications whenever Google Chrome automatically updates any of your installed application.

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) 2

Another good thing about this extensions manager is that it provides you search feature. You can use its search filter for narrowing down the extensions list.

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