How To Avoid Google Chrome Freeze On Ubuntu & Other Linux Distros?

Google Chrome freeze is a common problem experienced on Linux operating systems, specially on 64 Bit OS. This happens only with Google Chrome and Chromium browsers and it is happening since a very long time.

You can resolve this issue up to some extent by disabling hardware acceleration in your Google Chrome web browser. It is a checkbox option given in Chrome’s advanced settings page. What all you have to do is untick this option and restart.

Google Chrrome Hardware Acc

We have already posted a lesson with a screencast video on disabling hardware acceleration on Google Chrome and Chromium web browsers. You can make use of it here.

Other measures you may use to stop Google Chrome freeze:

  1. Use a 32bit installation
  2. Avoid opening more than three tabs
  3. Create a new user account on your Linux operating system and start using that one – SRC.
  4. Disbale FLASH: type chrome://plugins, disable Adobe Flash and restart your web browser.

Use the following comment for and feel free to suggest more tricks.

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