How To Read Any Article Just By Hovering Its Link?

Now there is no need of opening the link on new tab and waiting for it to load. Now you can make your web browsing experience very fast and easy by reading the web page simply hovering its link .

HoverReader 2

HoverReader, a free Google Chrome enables you to read articles on hover display. The extensions works out of box, it provides you an instant preview of the complete article which then you can read without leaving the webpage you are on.

How To Use Hover Reader?

HoverReader 1

Install HoverReader in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser. Now what all you have to do is, hover any link on any website and read the linked web page.

Great for reading news and browsing websites with so many links like Hacker News, Wikipedia etc.

HoverReader 4

It can be used on any web page, also works on Reddit, Google News, Yahoo News, Digg, Facebook, News blogs like USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Post, Chicago Tribune and there are many-many more.

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