NewsSquares – Make Reading News & RSS On Chrome A Better Experience

NewsSquares brings new stylish RSS and news reading experience in your Google Chrome browser. This beautiful news reader provides you a clean, personalized reading experience and keep you up with all latest news articles from your favorite sources.

Start by adding NewsSquares – Stylish Reading in Chrome in your Google Chrome browser. Once the extension is installed, it can be launched from Chrome’s App Launcher.

For adding a new news feed:

NewsSquares 1

Launch NewsSquares and click ‘Add‘ button. It allows you to pick your favorite news topics, add feed from your favorite blogs.

NewsSquares 2

Or you can manually input and subscribe updates from your favorite websites simply by putting in their URLs.

NewsSquares 3

The feed can also be added from context menu:

Simply right click and select ‘Add to NewsSquares’ from the website you want to add in your news reader.

The extension provides you some customization options:

Clicking ‘Options’ from extension’s main page directs you to page showing you various checkbox options for:

  1. Showing desktop notifications for news sources
  2. Enabling trackpad mode. (Check this if you are scrolling with the trackpad on a notebook computer)
  3. Using HTTPS (SSL)connection
  4. Showing older items first (Default is newest items first)
  5. Customizing the width of the item view (in px)
  6. Allows you to show items vertically
  7. Allows you to hide read items
  8. Scroll to mark items as read
  9. Lets you disable image previews on news items
  10. Allows you to show unread counts for all feeds etc

NewsSquares is a beautiful and very easy way of reading RSS and news articles in Google Chrome. Unlike to other Chrome news readers, it doesn’t disturbs your new tab or populates your toolbar. Instead it provides you a separate page showing you news updates with image previews on a wall style layout.

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