How To Easily Create A ‘Down To Bottom’ Button Using HTML ?

‘Down To Bottom’ buttons are just opposite of ‘Back To Top’ buttons. A Down to Bottom link let your website visitors jump to the bottom of the webpage. Most web designers don’t consider it. In-fact, they are not always helpful . For example: They might be unneeded on websites have preferably short pages and there is no need for the visitors to jump to the top or bottom of the webpage because the because the page is wholly visual anyway.

Nevertheless, websites having long pages (specially blogging websites) with ample amount of content can offer this nifty feature and save their visitor’s time.

How To Create A Down To Bottom Button ?

All you need to do is copy-paste the following HTML code in your website’s footer file. If you are using WordPress the paste it in your theme’s footer.php file.

<a href=”#footer”>Down To Bottom</a>

You can change the name of the button from ‘Down To Bottom’ to something else in the above code.

If you have any good button image with down sign etc then you may use it in the following code replacing YOUR IMAGE URL with your image URL address:

<a href=”#footer”><img class=”alignnone” alt=”” src=”YOUR IMAGE URL” width=”70″ height=”70″ /></a>

OR you can use following creative common image button code in your website:

<a href=”#footer”><img class=”alignnone” alt=”” src=”” width=”70″ height=”70″ /></a>

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