How To Change Number Of Posts To Be Displayed On WordPress Blogpage?

By default WordPress displays recent posts on homepage. Blogpage, posts page or frontpage are the pages where multiple posts are shown. WordPress allows you to change the number of posts showing up on blog page, by default it displays 10 posts per page. Here we will be explaining you how to change this number to the number of posts you like showing up on your blog page or home page.

Log-in to your WordPress site and visit admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading page and from the section with heading ‘Blog pages show at most‘ change the number 10 to the number of posts your want to display on your blog page.

Set number of posts to be displaed on homepage

Now scroll down, save the changes and you are done. WordPress will start displaying the number of posts defined by you. We hope this small tutorial solved your problem. If you need any futher help or have any questions then feel free to use the following comment form.

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