How To Automatically Play All YouTube Videos In Full HD?

By default, for switching any video to HD mode you have to click settings icon (present at the right bottom side of playing video) and then you can set video Quality to HD. This tutorial shows you you how to turn all YouTube videos to play automatically in HD mode.

Follow the given steps:

Step-1 Install Auto HD For YouTube™, a Google Chrome app.

Step-2 Now a small HD icon will come visible in the address bar on YouTube video pages where the extension can act.

Step-3 Check it by playing any YouTube video.

That’s all about its working. Auto HD For YouTube™ is one of the best ways to make video watching experience awesome. It also allows you to customize the video quality and size of playing video to ensures that you get the right settings on all your YouTube videos.

Main Features:

Faster Video Loading: Videos stream faster because you will no longer need to change quality settings.

Auto HD: All videos viewed on YouTube will automatically load in HD. No need to manually change it every time you watch a video.

Auto Widening of video: Videos load automatically in in the wide mode settings, making it easier to watch videos on larger screens.

Completely Customizable: You can set the quality of video to load in and the size settings and it will be loaded accordingly each time.

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