How To Allow Your Readers To Manually Sort Posts In WordPress ?

You can allows your website visitors to manually sort posts on the basis of title, date or update. This can be done by adding a drop down box in your site’s home, category and other archive pages showing post sorting menu.

First install and activate the new WordPress plugin called WP Sort Posts. After activation visit your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor page and add following code in your active theme’s index.php’, ‘archive.php’, ‘category.php’ , ‘author.php’ and/or other template files:

if (function_exists('wpsp_orderby_posts_form')):

This will show up a dropdown post sorting menu to your site visitors and they can sort posts by:

  1. Post Title
  2. By Date (new forward)
  3. By Date (old onwards)
  4. By Date Modified

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