How To Add And Display EXIF Data For Images Of Your WordPress Site ?

EXIF means Exchangeable image file format. It means metadata saved with photographs and audio by modern digital devices. EXIF data includes information like aperture, credit, camera, resolution, time, coordinates- latitudes and longitudes, shutter speed, focal length, etc which most of the photographers like to show with their photographs. In this tutorial we are discussing how you can add EXIF conveniently in your WordPress based website.

Exifography, a free WordPress plugin that lets you displays EXIF data for your photographs and enables import of latitude and longitude EXIF to the database. You can display this data via shortcode, by calling a function or it can be inserted automatically for the first image attached to a post.

Install and activate it, then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Exifography and check the EXIF data tags you like to display in the first image of all your blog posts.

Now for adding photograph showing EXIF data, you have to simply click Add Media button on add new post page, after you upload any image it shows you EXIF shortcode. You can use this shortcode if you have not checked “Automatically Display EXIF” option on Settings -> Exifography page else it does it automatically in first image of your blog post.

For second image you have to insert the shortcode in the same way as explained above, you can select the shortcodes you want to display direct from post’s add new-edit page.

By default its shows an unordered list for displaying EXIF tags but you can add you own custom HTML from its settings page’s Custom HTML section. For displaying EXIF tags in your theme by making a function call and for learning more about this plugin, refer to its homepage.

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