Prevent Brute Force Attacks: Disable Username, Force Email Login & Enable Automatic Lockdown In Your WordPress Site

Another plugin that gives you protection against Brute Force attacks is in the free market. Force email login is the new WordPress plugin that automatically enables few functions that makes your WordPress site more secure and protected against Brute Force attacks. The plugin completely disables the username login and forces email login, earlier we have discussed about such type of plugins but this plugin is different from them because it forces email login instead of supporting email login with username.

All you need to do is install and activate  Force email login plugin, no more options to set. It automatically enables all its features like:

  1. Login with the username is always denied.
  2. Using email address instead of the username to login.
  3. Automatically lockdown 10 seconds after login failed.

Also, you easily customize lockdown time, see the following filter hook:

    add_filter("force_email_login_lockdown", "my_force_email_login_lockdown");
    function my_force_email_login_lockdown($seconds) {
        return 60; // default 10

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