Free Website Monitoring Plugin For WordPress: Be The First One To Know When Your Blog Was Down Or Slow

Monitor.Us is the popular web monitoring service and now WordPress users has an option to use its new pluginfor monitoring their website‘s uptime and speed.

Quick Overview Of Monitor.Us:

Monitor.Us Uptime Monitoring Plugin For WordPress

So if you are running your website on WordPress the you can give a try to Monitor.Us new plugin called Monitor.Us Uptime Monitoring. Install and activate it then visit Dashboard -> Monitor.Us. If you are not registered on Monitor.Us then you can easily get registered direct from your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin shows everyone the stability and speed of your WordPress site using independent authoritative professionalmonitoring service. You can be the first one to know your blog’s down time or slow loading. It periodically measuresyour blog’s main page load and uptime monitoring from checkpoints in US and EU. Your WordPress admin area shows all results using clean and clear charts. It performs the checks after very 30 minutes from the locations in US and EU. Results are obtained from Monitor.Us by REST API. Also you can login to Monitor.Us dashboard and have a unified view on all monitored websites and view-change alerts and notification settings.

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